Macadamia Oil vs Argan Oil For Hair

Oiling your hair has been traditionally proven the best therapy for your hair. This culture is quite popular in South Asia and Asia. If you are new to oiling your hair then I must tell you this is one of the best decisions you made for your hair. Now there are a lot of oils … Read more

Is hairspray bad for your hair?

You will be using hairspray quite often to set up your hairstyle. Hairspray is used vividly by hairstylists and makeup artists, just like setting spray it fixes your hairstyle. It is one of the most useful products that is used during long events and shoots. Certain chemicals mix up and make hairspray so – Is … Read more

Do headbands cause hair loss?

Hair loss is the major problem everyone is dealing with. Like everyone else, you must be curious to know the reason for your hair loss. Some say it is because of hormones where some say it is because of the products you put into your hair. Well, they are not wrong, both are the most … Read more

Why does my hair feel sticky after washing?

After every hair washes, you can’t wait to see yourself in those shiny, smooth, and clean hair that feels soft and gentle. It is very easy to experiment with clean non-greasy washed hair. But few of us get to see opposite results. Mind me! This can be very annoying. This weird reaction has been found … Read more

5 Best Ways To Use Tea Tree Oil For Hair & Scalp

Tea Tree Oil For Hair & Scalp

Having strong, lustrous hair is everyone’s dream. But more often than not, you have to grapple with various environmental and physical factors that leave your hair lifeless and prone to hair fall and breakage. Are you tired of constantly changing shampoos with no results? Maybe it’s time to turn your attention towards hair oils; one … Read more

5 DIY Egg Hair Mask For Hair Growth & Deep Condition

Egg Hair Mask For Hair Growth & Deep Condition

Having healthy hair is as important as having good skin and body. Many people suffer from hair problems like hair fall, breakage, dry and dry, frizzy, rough hair. Usually, such problems can be controlled by making simple changes to your hair care regime. One of the best ways to treat your hair problems is an … Read more

 DIY Egg And Coconut Oil Hair Mask For Hair Growth

Egg And Coconut Oil Hair Mask For Hair Growth

When there are spare eggs kept in the kitchen, one is usually advised to apply it to the hair. And coconut oil’s versatility and dermatological benefits make it a staple kitchen ingredient. So why not combine the powers of both the kitchen ingredients? Egg and coconut oil hair mask is quite beneficial for hair. This … Read more